My UGC #5

29 07 2007

Comment on the usage of Social Networks on Robert Scoble’s blog.

“Facebook is the modern day rolodex. It is the replacement for the business card.” Thought provoking, but no, it’s more than that, different from that.

All the SocNets are different from one another, although it’s becoming progressively more difficult to separate them as they take on one another’s attributes and respond to people’s actual usage.

Facebook (like MySpace, busy being forgotten but still twice as big) is also a venue for things to happen - e.g. causes, groups, events; Bebo is also a playspace. LinkedIn is supposedly more about “business” but actually tells you less about people in fact than the more “casual” and “expressive” networks do. The reason even business-oriented people are using Facebook more is surely because the more casual personal information being offered up there is also more revealing.

I think that your use and therefore your view of SocNets depends almost entirely on your psychology.

What surprises me is how SERIOUSLY everyone is taking Facebook profiles. Just because it’s a less messy interface, doesn’t make it any more real. Personally I take all information gleaned from profiles with a pinch of salt.



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